Leather Interior Warranty

Thank you for visiting the LeatherSeats.com leather interior kit warranty page. Here you will find our full warranty policy described and explained.  We stand behind every leather interior kit sale we make and will always try to find a fair solution for our customers.

  • LeatherSeats.com reserves the right to inspect any part/piece that is reported to have a defect before a replacement will be sent. We will do our best to confirm the defect via email and/or pictures of the part in question, but some reported defects may require a return of the part before replacement.
  • If we decide to replace the defective part completely before inspecting then we do expect to receive the defective part back for full inspection.  If we do not receive the defective part back or if we find that the defect was not related to our workmanship or materials then we reserve the right to invoice the full retail price of the replacement part that was sent out.
  • All returned defective parts must have a return authorization number.  These return authorization (RA) numbers are given out by our warranty department or sales manager.  Parts returned without an RA number will be refused by our shipping department.  Please contact us before mailing anything warranty related to us.
  • If a single part or a few parts of any given product are found to be defective, we reserve the right to repair or replace those specific parts rather than replace the entire product. Keep in mind that leather is an organic material and so every leather hide is different and changes in color and sheen of our leather should be expected.  Though we try to match leather in color, grain, and sheen with any repair or replacement part, we cannot guarantee an “exact” color match related to any specific warranty claim.
  • We reserve the right to repair rather than replace any defective part. There are cases in which a simple repair is easier and more cost effective than a full replacement. Our warranty department or sales manager will typically inform a customer of a repair rather than replacement at the time of the warranty claim.
  • Inspection of the product upon receipt is the sole responsibility of the customer.  Any defects or warranty issues must be reported within the first 30 days from the time the interior is received.

What We Do Cover

  • Defects in workmanship or defective materials for a full 3 years or 36k miles from the date of purchase.
  • Premature wear-through/cracking of the seating surfaces within the 3 year/36k mile warranty time period.
  • The shipping costs to us and back to you for repair or replacement.

What We Do Not Cover

  • Damage done during installation caused by installer’s inexperience or error.
  • Damage caused by using inappropriate cleaning or conditioning chemicals.
  • Tears or cuts caused by any accident or abuse
  • Any incidental expenses including, but not exclusive to…
    • Removal or reinstallation of any product
    • Lost time or inconvenience
    • Cost of rental cars, fuel, telephone, travel, or lodging
    • Loss of personal or commercial property
    • Loss of revenue
    • Etc.