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Full Size CNC Stitched Panels

Our precision CNC stitching table is capable of running full-size quilted panels up to 47″ x 31″ before quilting shrink. The needle arm is stationary while the frame that holds the panel moves across the table on 2-axis. The machine reads the vector file and moves the leather to create the perfect stitching design every time.

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Full Size CNC Panels

Choose from these 10 Designs ( Click Here to See Previews )

  • Single Diamond
  • Double Diamond
  • Hexagon Diamond Tile
  • Interlaced Hex
  • 50mm Symmetrical Hex
  • Teso Vertical Hex
  • Hive
  • Viper Hex
  • Raptor Hex
  • Divario

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We are now offering these full-size panels, which are normally $165, for only $130! Choose from any of our 10 most popular designs to be stitched in any color onto your choice color of vinyl. Select from any of our 60+ colors or even send in your own! If you don’t see the color you are looking for type in the color you are looking for and we can look into it for you. If your project has different material or sizing requirements, please reach out to us and we can help you out with your project or you can fill out this Request Form and get more information at