T-1000 Silver Ink Pen

We have been using silver ink leather marking pens to help us in the production of our leather upholstery kits for decades! You can now purchase this pen to use on your own projects! The T-1000 Silver Ink Pen is now available for sale to the general public for crafters looking for an effective, non-permanent solution for marking a huge variety of leather upholstery materials!

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T-1000 Silver Ink Pen - 2T-1000 Silver Ink Pen - 2
Individual Pen Body w/1 Cartridge Included
T-1000 Silver Ink Pen Cartridge - 2T-1000 Silver Ink Pen Cartridge - 2
Individual Refill Cartridge
Our T-1000 Silver ink Pen is perfect for non-permanent marking on most leathers, vinyl, and many other upholstery materials. The proprietary,  silver ink contained in these cartridges stands out from most base material colors which makes it very easy to see. When using this pen, the ballpoint tip allows for smooth application that stays consistent over most surfaces. The fact that the silver marking ink is easy to see, doesn’t wipe off after dry, and is easily removed with water-based cleaners makes it the perfect tool for marking all types of stitch pleating patterns for automotive upholstery. We recommend using these pens in combination with the growing variety of clear acrylic stitching templates which are also available at LeatherSeats.com. The T-1000 Silver Ink Pen can be used on most of our templates without having to remove the cartridge from the pen chassis. However for some projects, you may need to remove the cartridge and use it without the chassis. You can purchase both the pen chassis as well as refill cartridges. If you have any further questions about the T-1000 or would like any information about our clear acrylic stitching templates please give us a call at 1-866-639-7328 or email us at s[email protected]. The silver ink in these cartridges is perfect for writing or marking on: – Most Leathers – Most Synthetic Vinyl (PVC cloth) and Polyurethane coated cloths – Alcantara Suede – Tires and other Rubber Surfaces – Dark papers and Surfaces