Hog-Ring Pliers

Are you installing one of our custom leather interior kits? Do you already have hog-rings, but have misplaced your hog-ring pliers? Hog-ring pliers are specialty pliers used to close the hog-rings connecting the new upholstery to the foam seat core. These pliers will take care of applying all those hog-rings.

Item Price
These specialty pliers are made specifically to easily apply upholstery hog-rings because of the grooved tips and spring compression which allows for a hog-ring to be loaded. manipulated, and closed quickly. If you are planning on installing your own leather kit, these are required for most vehicles. This particular set of hog-ring pliers is mid-level model for the do-it-yourself who is only planning on doing a few interior installations. This mid-level model of pliers allows us to provide an cost effective, quality set of pliers for the non-professional upholsterer. Please contact us directly at 1-866-NEW-SEAT if you have any questions.