Sanctum Seat Ventilation System

Looking for an all-in-one seat heater and cooling unit for your vehicle? Check out more info below! NOTE 1 UNIT = 1 SEAT

NOTICE: These units REQUIRE both PERFORATION and HIGH FLOW MESH FOAM to function properly. If you are purchasing this alongside our LS Upholstery Kit please order at the same time to ensure that these elements are included with the kit. Our TED units are also functional on factory upholstery as long as the material is perforated and has some form of flow foam.

Item Price
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Vehicle Specification

– Compatible with most vehicles that have a 12-volt constant power source and room to mount the components.

– Requires upholstery that allows proper airflow (perforation/reticulating backing foam).

– CAN NOT be installed over surface-mounted occupancy detection sensors.

– Replaces any existing seat heaters/ventilation systems.


Package Features

– Components for 1 complete seat (cushion and backrest) See List Here

– General Step-By-Step Installation Guide

– Optional Open Cell Reticulated Foam Backing

1 unit per seat
Seat Ventilation - All componentsSeat Ventilation - All components
Seat Heater/Cooler Unit (1 Unit Per Seat)
Reticulated Backing Foam - Featured ImageReticulated Backing Foam - Featured Image
Half Yard Open Cell Reticulated Foam Backing - 52" x 18"

If your vehicle did not come with heated and cooled seats and you wish it had then we have what you need! Our SANCTUM Seat Ventilation System will get the job done by keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This system provides both a heating and cooling function based on the electrical current fed to it. This seat ventilation system utilizes ThermoElectric Devices that can be installed in any vehicle with a 12-volt source. All units come with an OEM-style rocker switch that cont