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Dual Control Switch Seat Heater Kit

Looking to warm up that cold interior in winter? Our Carbon Fiber Seat Heater kits are designed to be installed in-between the factory foam and the seat upholstery like many of the OEM factory seat heaters. This kit, in particular, includes all of the necessary parts to upgrade 2 seats.

NOTE: We do have multiple control switch options available. Be sure to check out our Rocker Switch and Round Switch options as well.


Item Price

Vehicle Specification

  • Compatible with most vehicles that have a 12-volt power source.
  • Works with either cloth or leather seat upholstery.
  • Can be installed alongside Liquicell Gel Pads.
  • CAN NOT be installed over surface-mounted occupancy detection sensors.

Package Features


– General Step-By-Step Installation Guide

– x4 Solid Carbon Fiber Heating Pads

– x1 Dual Control Switch w/2 5-level dials

– x1 Wire Harness Assembly

– x1 In-Line 10Amp Fuse

– x1 Integrated 5 Pin Automotive Relay

– Optional Liquicell Gel Pads (more info here)

**This kit option includes the parts to upgrade 2 seats**

Optional Add-on

  • (+$5.00)
  • (+$19.00)
  • (+$16.00)
If your vehicle did not come with heated seats and you wish it had then we have what you need! Our seat heaters can be installed in any vehicle with a 12-volt source. This specific set of seat heaters comes with all of the necessary parts to upgrade 2 seats and is controlled by one switch with dual, 5 level setting dials. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 1-866-639-7328 or email us a [email protected] for more information.